12:43pm 11-21-2022
Love the site!
Great collection of computers & stuff!!!
12:51am 11-19-2022
Your website looks great! Really captures the charm that old internet has. Plus it has a TON going for it, content-wise, so I expect to get lost here every now and again.

Thank you for following me, it really means a lot. Hope I don't disappoint!
7:34pm 11-17-2022
courtney eleanor
I love the site!!
12:49pm 11-08-2022
love the site. big threes company fan.
5:05pm 10-07-2022
nostalgia here!
6:15pm 10-06-2022
Thanks so much for the follow! Your site is funky and your dedication is something we should all aspire to
4:35pm 10-06-2022
Suzanne Vega
If any of you wanna read some comments older than these ones, you can check out the old guest book from smartgb.


Remember, the old guest book on smartgb is going to be kept for archiving purposes, while the new guest book for SEFY which uses 123guestbook is the one we should sign since the new one will allow some image posts, and font customization.

9:54pm 10-05-2022
the teal green background gives me netscape vibes. love it!
5:47pm 10-02-2022
Suzanne Somers

Thought I'd share an image that I shared in the guest books for other Neocitizens!